Beast Feeder NForever

A village in the mountains. Below it is a cave with a terrible monster. You are the only one left.


N/A, it's a walking simulator

There are two different endings, but there is no difference between them.

For bonus points, try bunnyhopping all the way


yeah, figure them out yourself lol

What this game should have been

I was planning to make a game where you gather food and feed beasts so they don't eat your village. While "taking care" of your community by "taking care" of the beasts, you must also "take care" not to get eaten! I really liked the idea, but couldn't make it happen in time for the jam.


lapspider45 - Music, Art, Code
"Octavius" font by Jack Oatley.

Godot Engine, available under MIT license

check out the soundtrack on


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I liked the part where I was walking